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URL for seeing eye wearable computer

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Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 11:41:34 -0800
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Hello All,
Here is the URL to the article which illuminates how wearable computers are
developing with some web accessibility issues to come.


some quotes from the article:

...a computerized "seeing" assistant that will help blind people read books,
access Web pages, recognize faces and navigate unfamiliar rooms.

And another quote:

...ICare has another talent up its sleeve that's all its own -- it lets
blind or visually impaired people navigate websites previously only
accessible with a mouse. 

Screen-reader software, such as Jaws, can translate information on a
computer screen to spoken word. But this is only useful if users are able to
get to the pages they are interested in. 

"The way a blind person navigates around the screen is with the keyboard,
but there are some sites that don't work so well with keyboard alone and
have some mouse-driven applications," said Terri Hedgpeth, disability
research specialist at ASU. "But a blind person can't tell where the mouse
cursor is, so (he or she) can't access these sites." 

To overcome this problem, the ASU team developed another facet of their
system, called the iCare-Assistant, that works with Blackboard, software
designed to manage university course material. 

"We have developed a software interface that bridges the screen-reader
software and Blackboard through keyboard shortcuts that get you into these
areas," Hedgpeth said. 

All of which suggests how Web Accessibility will start to point as wearable
computers become more a part of daily life.

Doyle Saylor 
Business Systems Consultant 
Intranet Hosting Services 
Wells Fargo Services Corporation 
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