Re: EOWG: Agenda for 26 September 2003 - Outreach updates

Hi Judy,

Busy week in Australia:

Full day Web Accessibility Workshop in Sydney with 27 participants. The
most pleasing aspect was that 13 of these came from the banking and finance
sector and another 4 from design or usability firms. Most of the remainder
were from various levels of government.

Spoke to around 40 senior managers from the Australian Capital Territory
Government at an Executive Breakfast meeting about the importance of
on-line accessibility and who benefits from implementing WCAG, and
illustrated the issues with a few eye-opening demonstrations.

Addressed an Australian Capital Territory Government "eThursday" meeting of
over 70 web managers and communications managers about why web
accessibility is important, what some of the common issues are, and how
they can get started checking for accessibility. Again I illustrated the
seminar with examples and demonstrations.

Dr Andrew Arch
Manager Online Accessibility Consulting, National Information & Library
Ph 613 9864 9222; Fax 613 9864 9210; Mobile 0438 755 565 | |

NILS - A Joint Venture between the
Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, The Royal Blind Society of NSW,
and Vision Australia Foundation.

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