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comments below, prefaced w/ JB:

- judy

At 10:02 PM 1/30/2003 -0600, Shawn Lawton Henry wrote:
>current working draft of WCAG20 says:
>The overall goal is to create Web content that is perceivable, operable,
>navigable, and understandable by the broadest possible range of users
>and compatible with their wide range of assistive technologies, now and
>in the future.
>Some of the definitions we discussed used "Web sites."  WCAG20 working
>draft uses "web content."
>the "bare bones" of some of the suggestions is:
>An accessible Web can be used by people with disabilities.
>Aspects of web accessibility are:
>- perceivable
>- operable
>- navigable
>- understandable
>- robust

JB: good list, but tough words to wade through

>Components of Web accessibility include:
>- Web content (such as HTML pages)
>- Web browsers, multimedia players, and other user agents
>- Web page authoring tools
>- Core technologies (such as HTML specifications)

JB: good list,  add: compatibility with assistive technology(?)

>This might be a good visual for a presentation, yet not robust enough
>for stand-alone information.
>Should be an interesting discussion on the call tomorrow...

JB: of the suggestions submitted to the list, i still think that some cross 
between blossom's and sarah's might provide the best framework, with just a 
few adjustments, perhaps as per comments made to those emails.

>- Shawn

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