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>Hi All,
>I like Henk's definition in many ways, but Henk asks about the term
>universal access, and I think Judy raised the point that cognitive
>disabilities might not allow one to 'think' all content.

depends on the extent of cognitive disabilities; many do allow one to 
understand web sites. the particular concern that i expressed in last 
week's meeting was when someone suggested that everyone would understand 
the content on a web site in the same way. given that people's life 
experiences and interests are different, that is rarely the case, 
regardless of disability.

>We do not claim
>that everyone 'thinks' alike anymore than we claim everyone can see.  We
>don't claim everyone uses content alike.  This is my version of a
>Web Accessibility is "all" the diverse methods people use to know content as
>a single unified technology system of guidelines that keeps open channels of
>communication for everyone to know a web site in their specific way and

interesting. this seems very focused on the user. i wonder whether the 
responsibilities of the content developers and software developers might 
not come through. but it is good to have the user's experience described as 

- judy

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>Hi all,
>I will make a try too...
>Web accessibility means that everyone can use the functions of a web site;
>* regardless of disability and the use of assitive technology;
>* regardless of the operating system and the user agent (browser, PDA, WAP,
>TV) that is used.
>Web accessibility includes the content of a web site, the authoring tools of
>web design and the user agents to explore the web.
>In this definition main stream and special use is included (some people like
>that a lot).
>I know that some of you do have a problem with the wording *everyone can
>use...*, but what about the Tim Berners-Lee slogan? (see below)
>"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless
>of disability is an essential aspect." Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and
>inventor of the World Wide Web
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