More "food for thought" - RE: Web Accessibility is....

current working draft of WCAG20 says:
The overall goal is to create Web content that is perceivable, operable,
navigable, and understandable by the broadest possible range of users
and compatible with their wide range of assistive technologies, now and
in the future.

Some of the definitions we discussed used "Web sites."  WCAG20 working
draft uses "web content." 

the "bare bones" of some of the suggestions is:


An accessible Web can be used by people with disabilities. 

Aspects of web accessibility are:
- perceivable
- operable
- navigable
- understandable
- robust

Components of Web accessibility include:
- Web content (such as HTML pages)
- Web browsers, multimedia players, and other user agents
- Web page authoring tools
- Core technologies (such as HTML specifications)


This might be a good visual for a presentation, yet not robust enough
for stand-alone information.

Should be an interesting discussion on the call tomorrow...

- Shawn

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