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I like the condensed lead-in. But I think Sarah's "content that..." 
"software used to..." is easier to follow than "creating" "making" etc. 
It's not the process but the result that is our end goal. Other comments below.

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>Another possibility to mull over (condensing of Judy's and Sarah's
>What is Web Accessibility?
>An accessible Web can be used by people with disabilities. Web accessibility
>-- Creating content that can be perceived, operated, navigated, and
>understood by people with disabilities.
>-- Making browsers, multimedia players, and other software used to access
>Web sites more usable by people with disabilities.
>-- Developing software for producing Web sites that can be used by people
>with disabilities and that support the creation of accessible Web sites.
>Web accessibility also:

i think this part reads better if we leave out the "also"

>-- Benefits other users of the Web.
>-- Is a requirement for some Web sites and Web applications in certain
>1. The title of the presentation - Overview of the Web Accessibility
>Initiative - is misleading for me. It leads me to believe that the
>presentation will be solely about WAI, not about Web accessibility and what
>WAI does to achieve it.

i don't understand the contradiction; it _is_ about wai, but necessarily 
talking wai involves talking about web accessibility.

>Possible alternative: Web Accessibility and the W3C Web Accessibility

pretty long; still don't understand why clarification is necessary. are 
other people getting a jolt of surprise when they read the content of the 
presentation, compared to the name? any shorter ways that we could clarify 
this, if so?

>This title is longish but covers the slide content (first section of slides
>on Web Accessibility, two slides on W3C, and last section on WAI.
>2. I think Slide 1 could more accurately reflect the slide show content.

needs to be updated and condensed. suggestions would be helpful.

>3. Three of the six style choices for the slide show are not entirely
>accessible - i.e, I cannot read some of the text! Is it possible to create
>new styles for the show? Revise some? I am familiar with CSS and can work on

we have already noted the need to send revision requests to the slidemaker 
tool editor (different w3c people have been working on recently) requesting 
repairs to the style sheet problems, and more caution with future revisions 
to the tool. when i revised the source file for these slides, the slides 
re-generated from a somewhat experimental version of the tool. this is a 
known problem that we are following up on. we have already received 
recommended style sheet fixes.



>4. I've sent other editorial/grammatical suggestions to Judy.
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