Re: defining Web accessibility

I like the direction on this -- great re-organization of what we were 
trying to say, but still seems wordy & jargony in a few areas (e.g., 
repetition of "components"). Also like the sub-bullets leading with 
"content" "software" etc

- Judy

At 10:47 AM 1/29/2003 -0500, Sarah Horton wrote:

>Hello! I took a stab at reworking our definition of Web accessibility. 
>Mainly I took Judy's language and moved it around some. Feel free to add, 
>edit, shred!
>What is Web Accessibility?
>An accessible Web can be used by people with disabilities.
>To this end, Web accessibility is an effort to integrate accessible 
>components into the Web. These components include:
>- content that is presented in a way that can be perceived, operated, 
>navigated, and understood by people with disabilities;
>-software used to access the Web that can be used by people with 
>disabilities, and that works with technologies that some people with 
>disabilities use; and
>-software used to build Web sites that can be used by people with 
>disabilities, and that supports the creation of accessible Web sites.
>Web accessibility also:
>- benefits other users of the Web; and
>- is a requirement for some Web sites and Web applications in certain 

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