Draft text for "what is Web accessibility" slide in online overview

Thanks for the suggestions in the meeting last week, and on the list since 
then, for a new slide in the online overview, describing "What is Web 

I'd also mentioned that I was going to ask the WAI team for comments on the 
slides, and Ian pointed out that the slides in the online overview mainly 
focus on accessibility of Web sites, and that we need to also emphasize the 
need for accessibility of the software used to access and produce Web content.

Throwing some of these thoughts together, how about something like the 
following? This could become slide 3, right at the beginning of the slide 
set. It needs to be cut down in length. Comments welcome.

What is Web Accessibility?
Web accessibility includes:
- making Web sites accessible to people with disabilities, by making them:
   --  more perceivable, operable, navigable, understandable and robust
   --  for people with disabilities that can encounter barriers on the Web.
- making software used to access Web sites more accessible to people with 
disabilities, by making:
   --  browsers, multimedia players, and other software more usable by 
people with disabilities, and
   --  by making this software work better with technologies that some 
people with disabilities use.
- making the authoring tools used to produce Web sites
   --  better support production of accessible Web sites; and
   --  more usable by people with disabilities.
Web accessibility also:
   --  benefits many other users of the Web; and
   --  is a requirement for some Web sites and some Web applications in 
certain countries.

- Judy

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