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At 04:12 PM 1/23/2003 +0100, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:

>Hello all,
>On remark on the WAI overview slides located at:
>In slide 2, "Some Tips for Using these Slides", we could tell the user 
>that shortcuts to the main links are available.
>For example:
>"• Use the right-arrow button ("On to..." link), or press alt+n to go to 
>the next page."

Good idea, I thought we did that, but it's not there.

>In the slide about EO work, is the order the deliverables are listed 
>deliberate, or does it have a logical order?

No, as we discussed in the EOWG meetings recently, unless someone can 
propose a good order, it gets left like this. I tried re-arranging them 
some & it's not obvious what would be better. You're welcome to propose a way.

- Judy


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