Accessibility defined

For your  consideration:
Web accessibility:

- removing barriers  that limit the ability of   an individual with a
disability or a  user

of alternative computer  access methods to use   Web content and Web
applications or  to

participate  in their development in a manner one chooses, thereby
enhancing ones

effectiveness, efficiency and  the satisfaction experienced.  The benefits
tend to  be more

universal facilitating:
- the needs of even non-disabled users and developers of websites, and
- adherence toorganizational or statutory requirements that might be

If this is the first slide,it must define Web accessibility in conceptual
terms and relegate
words like operable, perceivable, navigable, authoring tools etc to later
slides that
explain the definition. The slides that follow do a splendid job there. Also
it may be a
good idea not to use words like "accessible" (or usable)that are in fact
being defined.

There is no trace of duplication of language and phrases within the above
definition  nor
in relation to the slides that follow.... And it is not very longish!

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