Re: Quick Tips appearance samples obsolete

Hello Harvey and EO folks.

> I wonder how many cards have been distributed all-together.

In the order of 5000 per language in Europe (for the 10 major ones).
For the English version, I think it's more in the order of 100000
(Judy has the exact count).
> I note that the graphic reference versions of the quick tips in both sizes
> are the 1999/08 versions, rather than the one we revised in 2001/01.
>      "Two versions of the Quick Tips card are available for reference:
> =B7       =B7       An image (a .gif file) showing how the Quick Tips appear=
> =20
> when laid out on a
>       business card (small size/print, August 1999 version).
> =B7       =B7       A bigger image (another .gif file)showing how the Quick=
> =20
> Tips business card
>      layout look like (but less accurate) "
> I hope those were not the reference basis for any of the now 27=
>  translations!

No, of course. We always use the English inline.

I removed the second gif which doesn't correspond to anything real
graphically speaking (it's was just the first mockup I'd done years
ago in ps I think, but never printed like that).

And I'll try to scan a more recent one (and with a better resolution
too) soon.

I made a couple of other changes: the link "Translations" at the top
goes directly to the translations page, instead of to the middle of
the How to order section (always found that confusing).

I removed the Sample section which had just one gif now and put the
link to the card gif inline (but I kept the anchor for linking
reference from outside).

Please have a look at the page, I think it's leanier and easier to
use now.

Received on Friday, 17 January 2003 02:41:05 UTC