Quick Tips appearance samples obsolete

Thanks, Daniel for encouraging further translations, now the list has 27 
I wonder how many cards have been distributed all-together.

The currently most recent 2001/01 text is available from


I note that the graphic reference versions of the quick tips in both sizes
are the 1999/08 versions, rather than the one we revised in 2001/01.

     "Two versions of the Quick Tips card are available for reference:
              An image (a .gif file) showing how the Quick Tips appear 
when laid out on a
      business card (small size/print, August 1999 version).
              A bigger image (another .gif file)showing how the Quick 
Tips business card
     layout look like (but less accurate) "

I hope those were not the reference basis for any of the now 27 translations!

Regards/Harvey Bingham

Received on Thursday, 16 January 2003 23:54:14 UTC