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Jim Buck Jr. Goes to War?

From: Rhea Hughes <rhughes@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 23:46:57 -0800
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There are some who do not want to face up to the protection being afforded to
the Phillies owner Jim Buck Jr. by the Philly media. While researching Mr. Buck
online I happened upon a link that the "writers" of the September 24th, 2000
Inquirer piece
on the Phillies had to have found. In the above piece from 9/24/2000 the
"writers", Bob Fernandez, Jim Salisbury, and Frank Donahue noted the ages of
the three Buck brothers. Jim Buck Jr. is the oldest and the leader of the three
in typical big brother fashion. They noted that in September, 2000 Jim Buck Jr.
was 75yrs old. That doesn't set off any alarms in the reader, but surely if
they had bothered to note that Jim Buck Jr. played football at Princeton where
he graduated with the class of _1946_ that would have rung a bell in the minds
of some, if not many, for if Jim Buck Jr. was 75yrs old in September of 2000
than he was at least 21yrs old in May of 1946 and probably 22yrs old.

Now before anyone gets too worried I'm not going to speculate upon Jim Buck
Jr's possible Germanic origins or his possible pharmaceutical connections from
his inherited wealth of Smith-Kline pharmaceuticals and say I. G. Farben.

No I'm going strictly for the obvious here. While "the boys" were storming the
beaches of Normandy and lugging heavy boxes of ammo over the mountains, many of
them being cut down and cut in half by bombs and machine gun fire, Jim Buck Jr.
was roaming the tree lined campus of Princeton playing football hero for the
girls whose boyfriends and fiancÚs were fighting to the death in Europe.

Maybe the Phans should charter a flight to Normandy and kneel before the grave
of Private Ryan and ask him if Jim Buck Jr. who has spent his life greatly
improving his inherited wealth through paper transactions and murdering the
American sport of baseball in Philly has made good use of his life?

Would you like to ask Jim Buck Jr.?



J_I_M    B_U_C_K    J_R   must go
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