Re: EOWG: Redesigned flyer to review

Sorry I missed the discussion about the Flyer this morning.

My concerns are:

1) are the contrast ranges between the wash-backgrounds and the foreground 
texts sufficient (I can't tell easily with my monitor), and

2) are the font-sizes chosen for the critical content sufficient (I also 
can't judge the point-sizes from the images) - I know it ranges from huge 
(Tim's quote) to tiny (partners and copyright).  I am somewhat sensitive to 
font-sizes now as I have recently begun having to carry a magnifying glass 
in order to easily read small print.

In my opinion if the information is important enough to put on the page, it 
should be readable: small print (literally and figuratively) should not be 
necessary on a public information document.

All that being said, I kind of like the visual impact of the examples.  My 
concern is that the design company's drive to increase the "impact" of 
the  flyer may detract from readability.  I think that anything that comes 
out of the WAI should try to weight its design choices on the side of 

Chuck Letourneau

At 2001-02-01 07:05 PM, Judy Brewer wrote:
>One of our agenda items for tomorrow's meeting is a redesigned WAI Flyer.
>(Yes, our meeting is tomorrow even though part of my previous message said
>Feb. 1; sorry.)
>We have a redesign of the WAI Flyer to look at. This includes most of our
>comments from last week, but not every bit, as some things worked out
>differently when putting the redesign together. It is available in three
>versions, all with the same content, but several have slightly different
>shadings on the half-tone background on some sections. We will have some
>content, contrast, and design issues to discuss tomorrow. If possible I
>would like to wrap up the redesign quickly, and we will very likely do an
>updated version again in several months.
>A few things about these URI's:
>1. The design examples are JPG images. If you cannot view them in your
>browser, go to the alternate page I've set up.
>2. The design example page itself has no alt or longdesc. The verbatim
>content is available on the alternative page.
>3. There are six images on one page; three small versions and three large
>versions. You'll probably need to zoom out to view them well.
>4. The design example is a temporary URI; do not bookmark!
>         Design examples:
>         Alternative page:
>I look forward to your feedback.
>- Judy
> >Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 12:06:19 -0500
> >To: EOWG <>
> >From: Judy Brewer <>
> >Subject: EOWG: Reminder, meeting Friday 2 February 2001
> >
> >EOWG:
> >
> >Reminder, meeting Friday 1 February 2001
> >
> >       Time: US Eastern 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
> >       Phone: +1 617 252-7000
> >
> >Agenda will include:
> >
> >1. Outreach updates
> >
> >2. Wrap up of flyer redesign?
> >       will hopefully be a sample to discuss by then
> >
> >3. More discussion on business case
> >       reminder, really raw draft, still at
> >
> >       and our change log at
> >
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >- Judy
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