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Comments welcome through early Tuesday morning (January 23) US EST.

In our meeting last Friday we briefly re-discussing one issue regarding the
updated Quick Tips order. 

For reference, the current tips text is at 

We'd had an internal request for a small printing change: to change "map"
and "noframes" which are currently boldface, small caps on the card, to
boldface, lower case, since in XHTML it is incorrect to list element names
in upper case. 

Turned out to be more complicated than expected. When proofing the new
version, it became apparent that differentiating the element names in only
one manner -- by boldface -- looked somewhat like a typo, in that it did
not stand out enough.

In our meeting last Friday 
we discussed four options for resolving it:
	1. add the word "element" after MAP and NOFRAMES -- problem is that it
breaks layout
	2. drop small caps to lowercase and leave bold -- problem is that doesn't
stand out
	3. change font for code-type -- monospace serif, such as courier
	4. leave as is -- problem, internal dissension.

We decided as first choice to go with a code-font change, and if that did
not work, to leave it as is.

However I went over this with our printer & with our internal
communications folks and got some new information: 	
	- The code-font looked even more out of place. 
	- We got an internal rule-out on leaving the card as is, since it would be
inconsistent with XHTML which has been out for a year now.
	- The printer managed to make the "element" word fit on the line, but then
we realized that by adding that word, we also needed to add a "the" before
the word before element (yet another ripple effect of a "simple" change to
the card). He then made a word-wrapping fit on the front of the card.
That's not to say it will fit on the translated cards though.
	- He also pointed out that on the card itself, the boldface was quite
prominent, and therefore might be a sufficient distinction even without
small caps. However, other parties here felt that the language use would be
inconsistent without "element" on the card.

I know that some of you would like not to comment further on this. However,
if you do, here's the question: 
	- Please look at the following proofs (these are temporary URI's only!!!
do not bookmark!! and these are for visual inspection only -- the "alt" for
the cards is that one set is exactly the same as the text on the current
QuickTips page, and the other one has "Use the client-side map element and
text for hotspots" and "Use the noframes element and meaningful titles.")
	- Any comments pro or con on the use of "the... element" on the card sets?

William's message on Saturday notwithstanding, unless I get strong comments
favoring "the... element" I plan to go with the simple boldface lowercase
"map" & "noframes" only, since adding "element" etc seems to just
exacerbate the clunkiness of the card.

- Judy

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