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The OzEWAI Disc, produced about 3 years ago in Australia (disclosure: by my
Mum) contains some video clips demonstrating use of a screen reader,
magnifier, and braille keyboard. Permission to re-use the content is
provided, requiring acknowledgement of the source.

I am not sure if it is the kind of material we want, but this type of stuff
is useful. Alternatively can we re-use stuff from teh WAI video?

Charles McCN

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  Thought this related to our discussion this am.

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Hi, Karen and everyone.  Microsoft has a videotape called
something like "Enable" that is readily available.  You can
probably find it at their website which is

Also, in terms of AAC devices, there is an exceptional video that
was made in Britain demonstrating someone with friends ordering
food at McDonald's, etc.  You can get this video from ISAAC, the
International Society for Augmentative and Alternative
Communication.  Their website is

Their video is absolutely the best one I've seen, even if it is
2-3 years old.  I highly recommend it.

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