telecon follow-up on "perspectives" page.

At 12:00 AM 9/29/00 -0400, Judy Brewer wrote:
>one-line "perspectives" on things to highlight from different trainers

As I tried to point out at the end of the call today there are two dominant 
sub-texts informing most (all?) the trainers' perspectives:


By using examples already familiar to the audience (when 
possible/applicable) funneled through a (frequently) unfamiliar medium 
(screen reader, lynx) the mystery is made less imposing.

By exploding myths (can't have graphics, must be all text, etc.) the 
opposition (based on fears of creativity-impairment) is spiked.

For many "lay" audiences the QuickTips need a geek-to-everyday language 
translation (what the hell's a "tag"?) so a handout that counters the most 
frequent myths about the difficulty/expense/ugliness of accessibility 
measures could be an effective supplement.

So many audiences might "get it" if they had concrete evidence of sites 
that worked in lynx, with screen readers, and for those seeking an 
abundance of "cool". Our own sites are bland to the latter group so mere 
verbal protestations that "you don't have to 'dumb down' a site to make it 
accessible" meet with a "yeah, RIGHT! - then why is your site so dull?"


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