Hi Judy,

I checked the new design, and here are my comments:

* I like the regrouping on different categories. What I don't like is that if I select on
one of the main categories of the navbar, it does not take me to the page selected
directly but to the same page where you describe every item. I believe this behavior
should be changed.
* I like the setup of the navbar of the new W3C page. It stands clearly as a navbar.
However, in the new design of WAI's home page there is not enough contrast between
background/foreground, at least in my Linux machines with Netscape and Mozilla-M16 at
both, 16 and 24 bits of color-depth. The same applies to titles. In the training pages,
there is more contrast in the navbar.
* In regard to the use of tables, I don't think it's such a bad idea, because it will fit
everything on one screen, as in the W3C home page. I tested that one with Lynx, and it is
linearized as expected. I don't know about screen readers though.


Judy Brewer wrote:
> Please review this redraft of the WAI Home Page -- and please read this
> before commenting.
> - ...
> Questions for review:
> - is the organization of info better?
> - are the navigation options clear?
> - are there key pieces of info you can't easily find?
> - does it work well on various assistive technologies?
> - does it display well in GUI browsers?
> - is it an improvement over the current WAI home page (this should not be a
> great challenge...)?
> - other?

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