Please review this redraft of the WAI Home Page -- and please read this
before commenting.

- the purpose of this redraft is to reorganize and clean up the current
home page;
- it is not a fancy redesign -- we will do more on another round;
- there are still some style sheet bugs, and it needs to be tested in
multiple browsers;
- it breaks information out into several new sub-pages, which also should
be reviewed;
- while the sub-pages are at their proper URI's, the redraft of the home
page is_not_ in its eventual home, so you'll need your "go back" command to
get back to it from any sub-pages, until it is at its own URL (next week,
if this is accepted as an improvement over the current home page);
- some info is missing, and some links not yet active, as you will see
(e.g. the "how to participate" or "how to get involved" page is not yet in

Questions for review:
- is the organization of info better?
- are the navigation options clear?
- are there key pieces of info you can't easily find?
- does it work well on various assistive technologies?
- does it display well in GUI browsers?
- is it an improvement over the current WAI home page (this should not be a
great challenge...)?
- other?

Send review comments to:
-, with a subject line of "WAI HOME PAGE REDRAFT"

Pages for review:

Comments in advance of our EOWG meeting this Friday August 25 are welcome.


- Judy
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Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
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