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Hello Judy,

About http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/WAI-home4.html 

We like the page very much now. Better than the table example

We prefer dividing the resources in four or five subjects and link to seperate pages. This provides future space for putting more information on these pages.

But if we keep the one page version, could it be possible to place a line of explanational text under the Wai resources header and then indent the links that follow. This would give me the impression that the links can be found on one page (which is true then). That one page can then be linked in the first line. This is what I mean:

<H1>WAI Resources Library</H1>

- If you need information about Web Accessibility, visit the [wai resources page]:
     - introductory materials, Quick Tips, getting started, frequent questions   
     - Guidelines, checklists, techniques 
     - Evaluation, repair tools, conformance logos   
     - Training materials, online curricula, translations
     - Offsite links: policy, events,   alternative browsers, more resources 


How to participate in WAI interest groups and working groups 
- Guidelines working groups: Web Content, Authoring Tools, User Agent 
- Tools development: Evaluation and Repair Working Group 
- Awareness and training: Education and Outreach Working Group 
- General WAI discussion: WAI Interest Group 
- Technical development: Protocols and Formats Working Group 

To implicate that the links under the participation header are not on one page, these links could be  aligned left (see above).

We think the participation part has become real good like this. It gives a better overview of the activities than in the first version.

The table version does very strange things in Netscape browser (v 4.7). The left part of the table fills the entire screen and the rest of the text dissapears outside my screen. We prefer the non table version.

Henk Snetselaar and Eric Velleman

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