Re: Review reminder, Accessibility Features of SVG

Hi Judy,

I read the note on accessibility of SVG. I think Charles and Marja made a good job. As
someone else pointed out (sorry I did not keep that email), the document looks like a
mixture of a tutorial with comments about accessibility issues. I found the tutorial
really useful (specially on the use of style-sheets), but I am wondering whether it would
not be better to split the document in two: an accessibility note, and a "techniques"-note
like WCAG. I tried the examples on the latest release of Mozilla, which allegedly supports
the 99 draft of SVG, without success. In regard to Amaya, I have version 2.4, and there is
no support, although I thought it had some support. I will upgrade as soon as I can.


Judy Brewer wrote:
> A reminder that the SVG access note is under review:
> We've only gotten a few EOWG comments on it so far; ideally we should have
> at least four or five EOWG members give it a serious read-through. If you
> are planning to review and comment on it, could you please reply to this
> message on the EOWG mailing list so we know how much additional review the
> note will be getting?
> (If you're not going to review it -- and not everyone has fun reading
> detailed technical documents, which is fine -- please do _not_ reply to
> this message.)
> Thank you,
> - Judy
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