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Re: using innate knowledge to enable.

Please check it out. You get given 5 faces, and have to find each one in a
It offers a security of about 1:60,000 assuming no one's looking as you sign

It makes a great entrance to a secure site.
It does not require literacy, though associated names and or letters might
well help develop it.
The students could store stuff on the web with some privacy.
This might not be a concern of theirs, but it is of the institutions where
they study.

The site does not offer a suitable medium for the
students at the present time.
I have thought about something like this for a number of years.
Other commitments mean that I have not got around to it.
Naturally I'd prefer it to have alt tags... and no scripts!
The bottom line is that this idea has the potential to be very useful.
It concerns accessibility, navigation and CD.

I'd like to see a lot more postings about potentially useful ideas that meet
many needs.
jonathan chetwynd
special needs teacher
web accessibility consultant

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