Re: Formal Review Levels

I really like Karl's three-level review model. It is simple, yet 
adaptable.  Because subsequent levels build on the procedures of the 
previous level, documentation is simplified.  I especially like the idea of 
indicating "what will be missed" by lower level evaluations.

Of course, even "full" reviews may not cover the entire spectrum of 
accessibility, and reviewers should also report on any gaps in their 
coverage (e.g. if the site was not reviewed specifically for access to 
persons with cognitive disabilities or to persons whose first language is 
not the same as that used on the site).

Chuck Letourneau

At 5/2/00 12:29 AM , Karl Hebenstreit, Jr. wrote:
>... For this type of Level system to be practical, the levels should be
>additive, so that a Level 2 review would be additional
>procedures to Level 1. It would also be extremely helpful to identify
>which access issues are addressed (or left remaining as
>potential outstanding issues) after each level review

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