Re: Braille on the QuickTips card?

Hi all,

Sorry for being unable to followup on this issue for some time.

I have received favorable comment and no opposing opinions so far.
The issue I'd like to get input from everyone is what and how to
braille on the card.

At Sat, 23 Oct 1999 00:28:52 -0400,
Gregory J. Rosmaita <> wrote:
> as for what to braille, i like "WAI QuickTips" on one side and the URI  on the
> other...  i don't think we could fit the URI for the QTs on the card, so it
> would probably just need to be a pointer to the WAI web space...  which makes
> me wonder, could we save valuable real estate by leaving off the http colon
> slash slash, or would that confuse people?

I think this is the way to go.

If we use notation used in North America, we can probably put
``'' (without trailing slash, maybe), but it's not
really possible if we use Japanese notation.  If we drop the preceding
``http://'', we can probably put ``'' in both cases.
I'm not too sure how this would work with the European notation, but
probably not much different from the North American.

Another thing is if we want to put braille on both sides.  What I have
found out is that it costs a lot more to have braille on both sides if
we want to do it with clear glue like printing scheme.  The interpoint
isn't too expensive, but that probably isn't good idea as it makes the
printed stuff harder to read.  So, if we want to put just the ``WAI
QuickTips'' and the URI, it may be better to put them all on one side.

So, my proposal is to have 

WAI QuickTips

on the front side of the card.  We might need to break the ``WAI
QuickTips'' into two lines if we are to capitalize the words



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