Re: Braille on the QuickTips card?

aloha, max!

you aren't the only one with a disorganized desktop and a pocket full of
indistinguishable business cards -- braille on the QuickTips cards is an
excellent idea, for both of the reasons you cited... 

as for what to braille, i like "WAI QuickTips" on one side and the URI  on the
other...  i don't think we could fit the URI for the QTs on the card, so it
would probably just need to be a pointer to the WAI web space...  which makes
me wonder, could we save valuable real estate by leaving off the http colon
slash slash, or would that confuse people?


Max wrote:
>A few people, including myself, have been working on the Japanese
>version of the QuickTips card.  And now, someone at W3C/Keio is working on
>its artwork.  As we prepare the material, I came to wonder if it would
>be any good to have some Braille on the cards, e.g., ``WAI QuickTips''
>on one side, and the URI on the other.
>I think putting some Braille on the QuickTips card is good for
>following reasons:
>1. It draws sighted people's attention, and (hopefully) they will look
>   at the card a little more carefully.
>2. It helps blind folks to identify what it is.
>The No. 2. may look meaningless, but being blind myself, it looks as
>important as the other.  The reason for this is that we often give
>away the cards to various people for demonstration purpose, and
>sometimes blind people take them hoping they can show the cards to
>their sighted colleagues.  But after coming back from some
>conferences, etc., the QiuckTips card may get buried in a stack of
>other business cards and is very difficult to be located without
>sighted help, unless they are well-organized.  At least, that has
>happened to me.  (Yes, I can't deny that my desktop is pretty messy.)
>Anyway, I'd like to hear what people think about putting some Braille
>on the cards, and if many people think it's helpful, what should the
>Braille on the card say?

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