RE: WCAG Curriculum update: May 26, 1999 - 12:30 PM

I understand your dilemma, and am merely offereing the solution I have used
(when I was in a position to make such a decision unilaterally). I don't
think there is any particular problem with using class="id", but it would
seem easier to avoid it lest there be any confusion.



On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Chuck Letourneau wrote:

  Thanks for your comments.  As chair of the WCAG I am extremely sensitive to
  the issue of strict compliance to W3C specs (and I support it in
  principle).  However, I do not want to be responsible for a decision that
  will possibly exclude Netscape users from getting the most from the
  Curriculum.  I leave that decision to the Chair and the WG as a whole.
  Pointing people to browsers that do the job properly is tricky (although I
  do make some backhanded attempt at it in the introductory slides).
  As for class="id" using an actual attribute as the value, I think I only
  used that in my explanation of the fix, and did not use it "in real life"
  anywhere in the curriculum.  I will be careful to avoid it in future.

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