RE: WCAG Curriculum update: May 26, 1999 - 12:30 PM same message as below,

Oh! I also forgot--the script doesn't work in Netscape 4.6 on this slide or

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no script does not work in Opera, works ok in webspeak
the script breaks the style sheet in Netscape right after "....text that
would appear in the script-generated pop up  window).</SMALL></P>" Netscape
seems not to like <code> following </p> it also broke the style sheet in

also, think it would be useful to make a statement about the upcoming
example. It might be confusing to some (like me!) as to what is the purpose
of the text and code about the PRIZE.

Here is an example:
You will win a prize if you do the right thing.

Here is the HTML code for the example


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Please note updates to the examples for Checkpoints 1.3 and 1.4
(, and sam20-0.htm, based
on new material from Geoff Freed.

Also revised are examples for checkpoints 13.2 (sam92-0.htm), 13.3
(sam93-0.htm), 13.4 (sam95-0.htm) and 13.6 (sam97-0.htm).

Comments appreciated.

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