Re: Fw: Want to present a paper?

At 11:48 AM 4/17/99 -0700, Robert Neff wrote:
>FYI, if anyone is interested in presenting.
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>From: Joe Roeder
>FYI- This caught my attention because it is in our own back yard
>(Alexandria, Virginia).  I took a
>peek at the website and- guess what- all the papers are REQUIRED to be in

Anyone have time to educate the conference organizers on the problem with
that requirement?

>Some of the 1998 conference papers dealt with universal access, web
>issues, etc. and the presenters and board members seem to be mostly
>university types.  You could do a paper on accessible web designs!
>Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, Alexandria, VA,
>Sept. 25-27.
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>P.S.   If anyone knows of a conference in Wales in early October, please let
>me know.  The Rugby World Cup is there and I have a life long passion to
>attend.  Hey Judy, are you a rugby fan?  We could always have a WAI meeting
>there? <smile and big grin>
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