EOWG AGENDA: October 8, 1998

EOWG AGENDA: October 8, 1998

  11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. US EDT 
  US: +1 (617) 252-1038
  FR: +33 (0)1 56 78 14 93


1. Agenda Review & Updates:
- additions to agenda?
- updates on previous action items?
(demo sites, translations of pointers flyer, deliverables page)
- announcements of EO related events?

2. Review Deliverables priorities:
- discuss which EO deliverables should be synchronized with which other WAI
- particularly upcoming PA & UA

3. WAI-TIDE/RNIB Videos: Opportunity to comment
- any brief input for RNIB folks, without trying write a movie by committee?

4. Reference card: Comments
- please everybody look at Alan's latest draft & thread which follows, let
us move this onward!

5. Events Coverage:
- recommendations on coverage for events with upcoming submission deadlines?
- feedback on WWW8/WAI coordination report?

6. Curriculum Slide Sets:
- considerable new content developed for PA guidelines curric. purpose of
discussion here is not to go into details of presentation, but to comment
on presentation strategies. how well will this content work as
stand-up-and-present materials? as self-instructional?

7. Meeting close:
- Confirm schedule change starting November?
- agenda topics for next meetings?
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