Re: Techniques for 7.1

Looks like a good approach.



At 06:21 PM 10/22/99 -0400, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>Having reviewed briefly the references in the techniques for 7.1 the only
>documents which clearly prioritise guidelines according to their impact on
>people with disabilities are the W3C gidelines - Web Content and User Agent
>Accessiblity Guidelines respectively.
>The guidelines at
> have
>a priority scheme which is different from that used by the W3C guidelines.
>The EITAAC guidelines that I found in the final report do not prioritise
>requirements, although they do provide general requirements and requirements
>for specific technologies.
>I therefore propose to refer to the two W3C documents as informative aids in
>determining the priority of requirements in other, unprioritsed checkl;ists
>nad guidelines (although I will try to say it in english in the document).
>Charles McCN
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