Re: WCAG 2.2 Authorized Translation to Dutch

Hello Xueyuan,

Please find below the list of organizations for the authorized translation of WCAG2.2 to Dutch categorized as you requested. We believe that this group constitutes an appropriate representation of the local community. The members are directly or indirectly involved in web or webaccessibility activities in the Netherlands.

The LTO has changed from HAN University to Accessibility Foundation

LTO: Accessibility Foundation<>

Accessibility Expert organization
Accessibility -<>
Cardan Technobility -<>
Hiddedevries -<>
200OK -<>
Accessibility -<>
11ways -<>
Appt -<>
Anysurfer (Belgium) -<>

Companies (monitoring, web and app development and full stack)
Deque Europe -<>
De staat van het web -<>
Level level -<>
AskAtticus -<>
Studio VDS -<>

Conference organization
Internetacademy -<>

Disability organizations
Iederin -<>
Oogvereniging -<>

e-Commerce company -<>

Logius -<>
Inter Vlaanderen (Flemish) -<>
MinSZW -<>
MinBZK -<>
Politie -<>
Gebruiker Centraal -<>

Individual Accessibility Expert
RianRietveld -<>
Iacobien Riezebosch - (<>)

Research Institute
Bartimeus -<>
TNO -<>

Stakeholder coordination organization
Alliantie Digitaal Samenleven -<>

Telecom company
KPN -<>

Quality Mark (accessibility)
Waarmerk -<>

We would like to start the translation proces for an authorized Dutch Translation of WCAG 2.2.

Kindest regards,


Dr. Eric M. Velleman | Professor (lector) Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering | HAN_University of Applied Sciences  | School of IT and Media Design | Center for IT and Media (CIM) | Address: Ruitenberglaan 26, 6826 CC Arnhem, Netherlands | PObox 5375, 6802 EJ Arnhem NL |  E:<> | Secretariat:<> |

Received on Thursday, 16 November 2023 12:29:30 UTC