Re: [JA] Completed translation: EPUB Accessibility 1.1

Dear MURATA Makoto,

Thank you and JAPAN DAISY Consortium for developing this translation. We 
particularly recommend translations of stable documents, e.g., final 
standards (e.g., W3C Recommendations) in order to ensure the stability 
of translations and their exposure to a more diverse set of readers.

EPUB Accessibility 1.1 was a First Public Working Draft published on 
2021-02-23 [1], which has been evolved to a revised Working Draft on 
2021-04-01 [2], and will keep evolving to Candidate Recommendation, 
Proposed Recommendation, and then finally Recommendation.

You're highly welcomed to translate the finalized W3C Recommendation 
when it's published, and we'd be very glad to include it in the 
translation database.

Please be kindly reminded of notifying <> of your 
translation interest in advance (you may use the template email provided 
in [3]), to avoid conflicts of translation interests and sync with us on 
any possible questions.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or more information.

Thanks again,


On 4/29/21 4:01 PM, MURATA wrote:
> Dear Translators
> JAPAN DAISY Consortium has completed the translation into Japanese of 
> the following document:
> Source:
> EPUB Accessibility 1.1 
> <>
> Translation:
> EPUB アクセシビリティ 1.1 
> <> 
> I confirm that, in compliance with the W3C Intellectual Property FAQ 
> ( 
> <>), I 
> have placed a prominent disclaimer in my translation(s) in which I 
> disclose, (1) the title of and link to the original English document, 
> (2) that my document is a translation which may contain errors, and 
> (3) that the original English document on the W3C website is the one 
> that is official. (Items (2) and (3) are in the target language.)
> I confirm that the links within my translation(s) are valid and I have 
> endeavored to provide valid markup and CSS (validation tools are at 
> <>).
> Regards.
> The chair of the Technical Committee of the JAPAN DAISY Consortium
> MURATA Makoto

Received on Monday, 10 May 2021 09:09:01 UTC