Re: Short translation needed

> I'm updating the template for the internationalisation articles, and i 
> would like to obtain translations for the following:
> "Making the World Wide Web worldwide!"

Hi Richard,
long time no see.

The claim works pretty well in English doubling “worldwide”.

I wonder if this works in translations. I don’t know about other 
languages, but in German we wouldn’t translate “World Wide Web” to 
“Weltweites Web” – we just call it “das Web” or “das WWW”.

With “Das WWW weltweit machen” or “Das World Wide Web weltweit machen” 
the pun gets lost, I guess.

Maybe “Das W in WWW steht für weltweit” (“The W in WWW stands for 
worldwide”) would work? Or is it too far away from the English original?


Received on Friday, 16 April 2021 11:12:10 UTC