Re: Volunteer Russian Translation of WCAG 2.1 - Re: Unauthorised Russian translation of WCAG 2.1

Dear Eugene,

Many thanks for all your work. For the translation, please see the 
following perspectives from W3C WAI team.

Looks like the translation includes not only WCAG 2.1 content but also 
other information, e.g., sidebars that include advertisements and other 
links. Besides, it is currently using centered and full-justified text, 
which may cause reading difficulty for some people.

Following the instruction and practice of translating WAI resources [1], 
as well as the general policy of Volunteer Translation [2], please make 
sure: 1) retain the W3C copyright unchanged (use the English version as 
is and not translate it), 2) retain the W3C page style to the extent 
possible, 3) the translation page contains only the content from WCAG 
2.1 (plus disclaimer, which can include links to translator and 
translation organization) but NOT non-W3C information.

As to your question, WCAG is W3C intellectual property. A translation 
does not change the licensing. While the W3C document license is 
royalty-free and we do want as many people as possible to use and follow 
W3C standards, derivative work (e.g., modifying the text by using only 
parts or by adding other text) is something that we would want to avoid, 
to ensure standards harmonization internationally.

Fyi, it's not required to put Volunteer Translation on W3C site, but 
whenever you like, you are highly welcomed to contact us to do so once 
it's completed.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or more information.

Best Regards,


On 12/1/20 11:08 PM, Information for All / IAS wrote:
> Dear Xueyuan,
> Please be advised that I had update translation page with the 
> requested information E.g. added 
> original English copyright disclaimer, uderlined status of vilunteer 
> translation, added possible errors in translation disclaimer.
> As for markup erros found by validator: we are aware of it but doesn't 
> concerns it as errors while our markup made in accordance with HTML 5 
> and CSS 2.1 Recs, not 'Live HTML' and draft CSS 3. Further we have 
> feedback from our colleagues from Russian disabled community that 
> confirms good usability of our site for disabled persons.
> As for W3C IPR policies: most of our works, including this 
> translation, distributed under Creative Commons 
> Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. The most 
> important for us are two parts: NonCommercial and NoDerivatives while 
> we had face few issues of commercial use of our works and unauthorised 
> derivatives. So could you please confirm that nothing in W3C IPR 
> policies goes against this license?
> Sincerely,
> Eugene

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