Re: "PROV-O" Japanese translation available

Dear Shuji

This is great!! and an obvious sign of global interest in the PROV data model.

May I ask who, to your knowledge, has been or is intending to use PROV in your reference community?

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    Dear Sir and Madam
    This is Shuji Kamitsuna@Japan.
    "PROV-O" Japanese translation is available now.

    Thank you for the great recommendation!
    I found some possible typos:
    (1) Sec. 3.3, 2nd paragraph - "the second row of the first table"
    might be "the fourth row of the first table".
    (2) Sec. 4, 4th paragraph - "qualifiying" must be "qualifying".
    (3) Sec. 4.3, Entry 43 - I'm not sure but "from an earlier" could
    be "to an earlier".
    (4) Sec. 4.3, Entry 51 - "responsiblity" must be "responsibility".
    Best Regards,
    KAMITSUNA, Shuji.


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