Re: "Web Annotation Vocabulary" Japanese translation available

Hi Shuji,

Thank you for the translation and your attention to W3C documents!

The mailing list has been deactivated as the 
Web Annotation WG closed earlier this month.

Wrt to the typos, you may submit them as three separate issues via 
GitHub as described in the Errata:

Please, let me know if any further info needed.

Best regards,

On 2017/3/14 19:42, 上綱秀治 wrote:
> Dear Sir and Madam
> This is Shuji Kamitsuna@Japan.
> "Web Annotation Vocabulary" in Japanese is available now.
> I found typos, listed below, in the Web Annotation specifications but
> I could not send email to
> Protocol document:
> - In the first paragraph of the section 3.2, "refered" must be 
> "referred".
> - In the third paragraph of the section 3.2, "ot" must be "to".
> Vocabulary document:
> - In the section 2.3.3, "to that classify" must be "to classify".
Hi Shuji,

Thanks for noticing these.

Our errata management is via github, described in:

Ie, the best is to record these as errata as github issues. Ideally, 
Shuji Kamitsuna should do it under his own name (as three separate 
issues) if possible.
> Best regards,
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