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Intention to make Brazilian Portuguese Authorized Translation - WCAG 2.0

From: Reinaldo Ferraz <reinaldo@nic.br>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2013 09:42:55 -0300
Message-ID: <51D41C4F.1090903@nic.br>
To: w3c-translators@w3.org
Dear All

My name is Reinaldo Ferraz, from the W3C Brazil Office. Following the 
Policy for Authorized W3C Translations 
(http://www.w3.org/2005/02/TranslationPolicy) we would like to notice 
you the  intention to make the authorized translation of WCAG 2.0 
(http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG/) into Brazilian Portuguese language. Follow 
below a list of all the relevant stakeholders who will be partners in 
the review process:

*LTO: W3C Brazil Office*
Reinaldo Ferraz

*Private Sector *
Alysson Franklin
IBM - http://www.ibm.com/

Celso Bessa
2 Aces (Digital Agency) http://2aces.com.br/

Claudia Tambascia
CPqD (Research and Development Telecommunication Center) - 

Diego Eis
Tableless (Webstandards and accessibility blog) - http://tableless.com.br/

Fernando Botelho
F123 - (Creator of F123 software that enables access for blind and 
visually impaired individuals through free and open source assistive 
technologies) http://f123.org/en/

Horácio Soares
Acesso Digital (Web accessibility specialist consultant) - 

Julio Cesar Duram
Uol (Content Portal) http://www.uol.com.br/

Lêda Spelta
Acesso Digital  (Web accessibility specialist consultant) - 

*Government *
Fernanda Lobato
SLTI - Department of Logistics and Information Technology Ministry of 
Planning - Federal Government - 

Flávio Mendes
Municipality of João Pessoa - http://www.joaopessoa.pb.gov.br/

Hudson Augusto
São Paulo Municipality Government - http://www.saopaulo.sp.gov.br/

Ícaro Olegário
Municipality of Rio das Ostras - http://www.riodasostras.rj.gov.br/

*Local organizations for people with disabilities *
Angelo Franzão
AACD (Assistance Association for Children with disabilities) - 

Cid Torquato
Secretariat of the Rights of people with Disabilities - São Paulo - 

Leonardo Gleison
Laramara (Institute for assistance of blind people) - 

Rodrigo Leme
Mara Gabrilli Institute (Institute for people with disabilities) - 

*Academy/Educational institutions *

Carina Magri Mari
Federal University of São Carlos - http://www2.ufscar.br/english/

Cesar Cusin
Paraiso College of Ceará - http://www.fapce.com.br/

Édson Rufino
Senac Rio  - http://www.rj.senac.br/

Everaldo Bechara (Translator of the first version in brazilian portuguese)
ILearn http://www.ilearn.com.br/

Fernanda Lima
Brasilia Federal University - http://www.cic.unbbr/index.php

Stefan Martins
University of São Paulo - http://lts-i.pcs.usp.br/

Thiago Prado de Campos
Paraná Federal University of Technology - http://www.utfpr.edu.br/

All the organisations' members above have expressed their willingness to 
review the translation

Best Regards

Reinaldo Ferraz
Especialista em Desenvolvimento Web
W3C Escritório Brasil
NIC.br - CGI.br

Web para todos, em qualquer dispositivo,
em qualquer lugar, segura e confiável!
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