Re: Translation Request for Croatian, Geran and Serbian.

On Fri, 07 Dec 2012 16:01:44 +0100, Jasminka Odrljin  
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> Hello Board,
> I am a state certified German/Croatian/Serbian translator and would like  
> to
> translate the following document into German, Croatian, and Serbian  
> Cyrilic.
> A link to a Serbian translation exists but the requested page doesn't  
> exist
> so I would also like to translate this into Serbian. ( Serbian Latin )
> I have already checked the data bases and to date no such translations
> exist. I am familiar with the process of translating w3 documents and  
> will
> publish the URLS of the translated docs
> upon completion.
> Thanx and have a nice weekend
> Greetings
> Jasminka Odrljin

Dear Jasminka

Thanks for volunteering. You are welcome to translate into German,  
Croatian and Serbian. Let the list know when the  
translations are ready.

I have added my colleague Laurent in the distribution list. Laurent will  
update the links on the Amaya homepage eventually. Please, include Laurent  
when you let us know that a translation of Amaya homepage is available.

Laurent, please remove at your convenience the link to the "sr"  
translation which has been taken down.

Thank you.


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