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Re: XHTML™ Basic 1.1 – Second Edition - translation into Russian and Ukrainian

From: Coralie Mercier <coralie@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 15:53:59 +0200
To: w3c-translators@w3.org, "Dmitry Zajtcev" <d.zajtcev@gmail.com>
Message-ID: <op.vtmgv9kjsvvqwp@sith.local>

Hello Dmitry

Thanks for this and the others last week (that are being assessed and will  
be added to the DB).

There is already an existing Russian translation of XHTML Basic 1.1 2nd  

Therefore, we'll assess and add only the Ukrainian one.

Don't forget to check the DB for existing work, before starting a  
Sometimes, it's also useful to search the mailing list archive to ensure  
no-one has already announced intention to work on a given doc in a given  


On Thu, 07 Apr 2011 14:30:16 +0200, Dmitry Zajtcev <d.zajtcev@gmail.com>  

> Hello,
> I have translated the page:
> http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/REC-xhtml-basic-20101123/
> into Russian and Ukrainian.
> The Russian  translation can be found at:
> http://zajtcev.org/docs/w3c/ru/xhtml-basic-11-second-edition.html
> The Ukrainian translation can be found at:
> http://zajtcev.org/docs/w3c/ua/xhtml-basic-11-second-edition.html
> And I would like to know, have you any comments about my
> previous translation, because I didn't get any response... :-)
> I confirm that, in compliance with the W3C Intellectual Property FAQ
> (http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/IPR-FAQ-20000620#translate), I
> have placed a prominent disclaimer in my translation in which I
> disclose, (1) the title of and link to the original English document,
> (2) that my document is a translation which may contain errors, and
> (3) that the original English document on the W3C website is the one
> that is official. (Items (2) and (3) are in the target language.) I
> confirm that the links within my translation are valid and I have
> endeavored to provide valid markup and CSS (validation tools are at
> http://validator.w3.org/).
> Best regards,
> Dmitry Zajtcev
> http://zajtcev.org

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