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Re: CSS validator translation

From: Coralie Mercier <coralie@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 18:56:22 +0200
To: w3c-translators <w3c-translators@w3.org>, "Dirje Welry" <dirje@dirjewelry.com>
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On Mon, 12 Jul 2010 12:35:20 +0200, Dirje Welry <dirje@dirjewelry.com>  

> Hi Translators , Coralie,
> Nearly 2 months back I translated Css Validator and submitted it on 6th  
> may
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-translators/2010AprJun/0080.html
>  <http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-translators/2010AprJun/0080.html>but
> still now I do not find any translation of it in Hindi at
> http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
>  <http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/>Please let me know it there is any
> problem in my translation which need to be corrected, or if there is any
> other problem from my side.
> I will try to correct it as per your requirements.
> Thanks &  regards
> Dirje Welry
> www.dirjewelry.com

Hello Dirje

Thanks for this. I had forwarded internally when you sent us the  

Unfortunately the staff at W3C is stretched thin and at for the past few  
months the CSS validator localization is not really assigned to anyone.  
We're saving the messages in a to-do and we're hoping someone can work on  
this in the near future.

Best regards,

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