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Well, thanks for your opinion; my French is nearly native as I've had ten years of studies  but I'll do what you say; maybe start a translation and send it to someone else as I've studied Arabic and think that that translation is in my interest area; if I have any errors in my translation, I always welcome corrections and in addition submit questions on technical vocabulary to native speakers,
but I'll be happy to check over French translations at some point.
(My one trouble is:  I have to print out what I check; cannot use the library that way; so I thought it would be nice to pick something short and translate it rather than check something long--which I cannot afford to do--I owe $5000 in credit cards; no way to pay; and student loan money--no way to pay).
C. E. Whitehead

Thank you for offering, but I have said before on this list that I prefer translations to be done by native speakers, so I would unfortunately not give you encouragement for this.  You are, of course, welcome to review those documents and send comments.  Note also that both those documents are being changed very frequently, so I  would not recommend that you translate them, as it would not make sense to point to the translations before the document is finished. 
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Dr. Ishida/w3c-translators: You're welcome!  (That would have been an easy one for me to translate, and when I realized it had become a working group note I felt bad for not having offered to translate it, but I'll find something else.) I'm thinking then of translating: "Best Practices for XML Internationalization" it's only a working draft; Otherwise I might try: Tutorial: Creating (X)HTML Pages in Arabic & Hebrew only want to translate one at this time.  Sincerely, C. E.

Thanks, but this has recently been translated into French by JJ Solari, so please donít start it.  I think Helen will probably get to it soon for adding to the translation list.
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Hi, I'd like to translate into French the Working Group Note: "Internationalization Best Practices: Specifying Language in XHTML & HTML Content" (I've previously started a translation of a draft, but will have to redo; see  ) Sincerely, C. E.

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