Re: Translation Complete: Web CGM 2.0

Dear Coralie,

Yes, I'm chatting with the team now and discussing whether they can finish the rest of the document.
Meanwhile, I'd like to announce that  Getting Started with VOICEXML had been translated to
Tagalog as well


>Hello Joey

>Please, kindly us me know if your team intends to finish the translation.  
>I see that only the Abstract is translated. In the translation, the links  
>under the table of contents are pointing to the English version.

>Also, please, see the output of the linkchecker (cf.  
and replace "" with ""  
>where needed.

Note that I can not run the CSS validator on your translation, so I have  
no comment on the CSS.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Received on Saturday, 17 May 2008 16:22:57 UTC