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Hi Ariel and Roger, 
Please see attached file. This is what I get when I click this link

Thank you
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  Hi Richard!
  Sorry to bother, i have completed the translation of one document, but i have not response from coralie (is she ok?) i want to know if the translation is fine, in order to translate some other documents.


Roger Perez
Roger Perez escribió: 
Dear Coralie,

I have completed the translation of 'How WAI Develops Accessibility Guidelines through the W3C Process: Milestones and Opportunities to Contribute' document into Spanish (


Roger Perez
      Coralie Mercier escribió: 

        [+ so they are notified of your project] 

        Dear Roger Perez 

        Thank you for your note. 

        The ressource is indeed in the translation list, please, go ahead with your translation and let us know when you are done. 

        Best regards, 

        Roger Perez escribió:

          I would like to start the translation into Spanish of "" taken from your translation priority list. 


          Roger Perez 

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