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Sorry for being a bit late into this thread as I have been away for some days.

First of all, I completely support Charles and Alan's point of view.

It would be great for non-English speakers to get translations via W3C's translation database even when in state of Working Draft. This way more and more people would have better understanding of what a group is doing and they might even want to propose new things to the work in progress. If this is not possible, working groups themselves might keep a repository of translations related to the documents they have published. Additionally, it would be nice if W3C could reference working groups' pages keeping translations in the translation database.

The Status of the Document would help people tracking the stage of work when a given translation was done. I think it would also be nice for the working groups to highlight the identity of group members speaking a language X. So X-speaking-mobile-web-fans-community can contact these group members to ask them questions to clarify any doubt regarding the translation or any other work made by the group (not translated) and also use these group members as "translating proxies" to propose new stuff.

For example, if X=Spanish some people in the group (Alan, Chaals, Rosana or any other Telefonica group member or even me) may be the Spanish "representatives" for MWBP working group so Spanish speakers know who they can contact in Spanish language. This way any Spanish mobile web stakeholders can ask to us about things not clear to them about the translation or they can even propose a new interesting idea to the group so, for instance, I translate it to the group (and do the same with the answer from the group).

Of course, the working group would make clear that, for instance, Spanish representatives will offer information to try to clarify the work of the group to Spanish speakers but taking into account that such information is only a PERSONAL opinion or thought and that it does not imply any official endorsement bt the group.

Well, it is just an idea about improving W3C working group's internationalisation.



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> Hi, I think the working-draft publication date needs to be on the
> translation of the working-draft just like it needs to be on the actual
> working-draft (the English version).  (It normally is included.)
> Some note has to caution persons reading a draft to take note of the
> document date maybe.

Indeed. This should be in the Status of the Document section, among other things.



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