Inconsistency of w3c translations

Hello Ivan,

the new w3c translation page is wonderfull!

But I know that non-English speaking people who are looking for a
translation, visit a recommendation page and not the w3c translation
page to get to a translation. The problem is, that recommendations
present a link to theire specific translation pages, which are not
always up-to-date. But as a link from a recommendation page the visitor
trusts it and consequently he gets the wrong impression that a specific
translation page represents all available translations. So he omits to
look at the w3c translation page (which is always up-to-date :).
In my case (german translation of SOAP 1.2 Primer), the links and
specific translation page (see and have not been updated since
my hint on 21 Dec. 2005. Actually I don't care about it, but some people
gave me the advice to update the specific translation page. Just like
you I'm not responsible for that pages. They all followed the link on
the recommendation page and were surprised, when they accidentally found
my translation on the w3c translation page, but not in the followed
recommendation link.

Perhaps it would be better if recommendations would use a link to the
static w3c translation page, e.g.
to list all the translations of the SOAP Version 1.2 Primer. Or a
dynamic generated w3c translation page, by using the w3c translation

Well, I don't know, if there is a w3c guidance about how to compose a
recommendation. If so, perhaps this idea could be part of it. It could
make a contribution to expand the worldwide audience and definitely
increase the consistency of all w3c translations.

Thank you, Alois

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Received on Monday, 13 March 2006 13:02:10 UTC