Re: Brazilian portuguese translation for CSS Mobile Profile 1.0


honestly, I am not really happy with that choice. The translation home page
clearly states that we would prefer the translation of stable documents.
Tutorials and stuff are fine; for documents in the recommendation track
translating an intermediate version like a candidate recommendation is
problematic. Lots can change between that stage and a final recommendation... So
we try to avoid putting translations of earlier versions on the translation
index. (There are some exceptions, like gloassaries, but I do not think this one
should be an exception).

I hope you understand...


MaujorCSS wrote:
> Hello all,I intend to start a translation to brazilian portuguese for
> the following document:CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 - W3C Candidate
> Recommendation 25 July 2002Hosted at:
> Maurício Samy Silva


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