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Gus Dur and Tutut : Anti- Semitic and Pluralism movement in Jakarta

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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 09:35:48 +0000 (GMT)
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Jakarta, January 11th, 2004


National Mass media in Jakarta reported, both electronic and news papers stated that Gus Dur-Tutut will be a monster for Akbar Groups, including official decision to get in jail for 2 years, as Aksi News paper reported this morning.

Tutut as presidential candidacy from one political party’s member, PKPB, which its general Chairman is General (retired) R. Hartono, who was Suharto Loyalist. Sadly, Akbar Groups showed a power to pressure by his power element such as HMI’s connection to protest Tutut becoming president. 

Moreover, senior of BMNU, Maksum Zuber stated that Gus Dur is a gate and strategic background to create pluralism in Indonesia, including his willing to build a diplomatic relationship for Israel government in Jakarta.

In other strategic discussion of Youth from many backgrounds that IIPAC wished that Gus Dur and his Suharto’s daughter, Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana, Mbak Tutut have been strategic partner for Gus Dur himself and global communities, because, based on IIPAC’s reports that, ‘rasist’ and anti-Semitic mind will be critical problem for pluralism in Indonesia. This is our reason where Indonesia have big opportunities for ‘people power’ if, each social problems didn’t resolved and of course being home work for international communities for supporting civil society as basic concept for enlightenment and empowerment, and also democratic transition 

Seeing political condition today, toward general election, experts are wishing for elites to reform the current official policies regarding mainstream of social problem such corruption, human right, education service, because the importance of problems today in Jakarta coursed the multi-dimension crisis. Hopely, that international communities must respond that cooperation is being more crucial when, The West didn’t re-evaluate foreign policies and minimize the problems of world system, after 11 September, 2001 of terrorism attacks, this consequence of our focusing to counter terrorism as common enemy for human civilization

Further more, today, some students are interesting to make a thesis and dissertations for their academic degree, such as free trades and international relation between America Alliances based on intellectual support of world system balances. But The Jakarta proposal by IIPAC was not optimal for its implementation (IWDW)


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