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From Mosanga Festus

From: Mosanga Festus <mosangaf@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 20:36:57 +0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: <20040110203657.51094.qmail@web25008.mail.ukl.yahoo.com>
To: mosangaf@yahoo.co.uk
 Dear friend,
I am sending this message to you with the hope that 
you will understand it's content and as well
co-operate, as it will opportune us the privillage to
establish mutuality and do to one another a life time
favour. I got your contact from your country web.
I am Festus Mosanga, a UGANDAN national. I do not
intend to take you too much back but, I belive if you
listen to the B.B.C. news or if you are conversant
with the political events in Africa, then you should
be aware of the assasination of the President of THE
Kabila, on tuesday the 16th of january 2001.
This assasination was executed by my half brother
COL. RACHID KAPENGA who's father hails from Congo.
He was the personal bodyguard to the President. Prior
to the president's death, my brother had surmmoned me
and my mother to our family home in KAMPALA the
Capital city of my Country. He showed to me
certificate of deposit and other valuable documents
belonging to a security company in LOME the
Capital city of TOGO in West-Africa. He further
disclosed to me that the President had secretly
deposited the sum of Four Million United States
Dollars ($4,000,000.00) Without revealing to the
security offcials the true contents of the consignment
as it was deposited as a trunk box containing
valuable and top secret governmental documents. He
said the president had instructed him to quickly go to
Lome and claim this money and hand it over to his
friend President Charles Taylor of Liberia West-Africa
for the purchase of ammunition to strengthen the
military force of the Congo Army, following a
percieved attack from the opposition forces of the
United Anti Kabila Front .
However, my brother was the president's most trusted
guard and this gave him a direct access to the
president's family, fortunately as God may
have it, a member of the Kabila family who was
very close to my brother had earlier informed my
brother that Mr Kabila was planning a massacre
on all his opposition and might certainly extend to
all his guards as he intends employing new ones for
fear that his guards are too close to his family
and as well know too much about his secrets.
This is why my brother visited us in Uganda to hand over us
these documents and ask us to go to LOME and claim
this money for our own use without telling us what his
next intentions were as he was so much in a hurry to
go back to Congo. I had barely arrived Lome when my
mother called me to inform me that my brother went
back and killed his boss, President Laurent D.
Kabilla and as such he was equally killed by other
guards who did not know what my brother knew.
Now, with the new developement at hand no other person
knows about this except my mother and myself, I
intend to transfer these funds out of here as fast as
I can that is why I am contacting you.
If you are willing to assist me to get these funds into
your Country, I am willing to offer to you 15% of the
total sum.
You can contact me on telephone numbers 00228 922 7296
I await your soonest response.
Thanks and God bless.
Festus Mosanga


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