Link exchange with other freelance translators

The prerequisites are as follows:


1)      A web site (the most visited ones will have a greater possibility of being selected)


2)      Being a freelance translator (no agencies admitted)


3)      Initiative


4)      Only one linguistic combination (only a pair of languages admitted: e.g. Russian-German, Italian-Spanish, French-German, ecc.)


5)      We prefer people that know HTML


6)      We prefer people that speak English



The idea is new. The program is free. It is based on reciprocal help. Only one translator for each pair of languages will be admitted to the program. If for example a Russian-German translator is found to qualify and is admitted to the program, no other Russian-German translator will be admitted (save explicit written approval from the previously accepted translator). So do not wait and join this program that will greatly increase the number of your online contacts.


When a translator submits his/her application, I will publish an announcement saying that this language was taken. If within 2 weeks from the announcement no other translator applies the application will be accepted. If an other translator applies e will be accepted according to the above requirements.


Please contact me at - -

 and see my web site for further info



Received on Sunday, 16 November 2003 12:58:00 UTC