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Re: translations into Russian

From: Alexander Savenkov <w3@hotbox.ru>
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 22:28:46 +0400
Message-ID: <10111448174.20030511222846@hotbox.ru>
To: w3c-translators@w3.org, slam_one@ukr.net

Hello translators,

2003-05-11T20:22:51Z slam_one@ukr.net <slam_one@ukr.net> wrote:

> Dear Sir!

> I have my new host at
> http://myguest.h10.ru/

> with some of w3c specifications translated into Russian.

> Include them, please, in your lists of translations, if possible...
I found no W3C docs there. And as far as I know PHP/Perl/Java were not
developed at the W3C. Am I missing something?

  Alexander "Croll" Savenkov                  http://www.thecroll.com/
  w3@hotbox.ru                                     http://croll.da.ru/
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